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Booking Process

All booking need deposit.
I don't start designing without a deposit.
I don't send over designs before the appointment.
Usually I start the design few days before the appointment.

for big projects we need a consultation so we can discuss about the idea and find the best option.the consultation is free of charge.

My clients feedback

All Reviews

"Great tattoo artist! My experience has been amazing. Had both arms done by Alex one being a coverup. Over the moon with them both! The work speaks for itself!"

"Getting my first tattoo was nerve-wracking but Alex made the experience incredibly smooth for me! His expertise and calmness helped so much and the final result exceeded my expectations! I highly recommend this place to anyone looking for a talented and supportive artist 5⭐️"

"Alex is a great artist that I'd highly recommend. He has magically translated one of my memories into a great tattoo, while I also got one of his amazing portfolio designs tattooed. I love his designs and will definitely book with him again."

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, of course. However, a free consultation is required to check the Tattoo and our possible options, as well as discuss in more detail.

Please arrive on the Tattoo appointment well rested and be hydrated. Also, do not drink the night before. You can of course bring small snacks and water with you, while it is also suggested to eat well before the Tattoo appointment. It is recommended  to wear comfortable clothes and keep the Tattoo area clean. Feel free to ask any question before, during and after the appointment.

First of all, we will meet each other. Then, we will discuss about the design and placement details. Once we finalize them, we will print the desired Tattoo and perform a location test.
Next, we will start tattooing! Needless to mention that bathroom, snacks and drinks can be used during the Tattoo session. Once we finish the Tattoo, we will capture a few photos and videos
and I will then wrap the Tattoo. Finally, detailed aftercare instructions will be given to you for the Tattoo.

Once the Tattoo is done I will wrap it. After 6 hours, just remove the wrap and wash the tattoo with warm water and liquid antibacterial soap. Let it dry for 5 minutes and wrap it again.
Repeat this step every 6 hours for two days. On day 3, wash it for a last time, air dry it, and apply a thin layer of cream, when it is dry. Do NOT wrap it again. Apply the cream for 10-12 days (wash it and dry it before each cream application) and protect the Tattoo from excessive sun exposure. No sauna or swimming for two weeks. Finally, it is normal for the first couple of days to be irrrated. Get in touch for any question or concern you may have. Kindly send a photo of the healed Tattoo after a month or two to check if it needs any touch up.

Yes, the skin starts to peel after a few days. please do not pick up the scabs or scratch the Tattooed area.

Usually, the healing process may take around 1 to 2 months. After two months, the Tattoo will be fully healed.

You can book a Tattoo through any of the following options: Direct Message on Facebook or Instagram, or via email, or online. Please include your Tattoo idea, your preferred placement, and a reference photo to help me have a better idea of what you prefer. I will then interact with you for possible questions you may have and share with you my feedback and suggestions on your preferences. Lastly, to secure a date for your Tattoo, a security deposit is required. 

The non-refundable deposit required to book your appointment is 50£. Only for full day Tattoos, the deposit amount will be 100£. The deposit will be deducted from the overall cost of your Tattoo. If you need to reschedule your appointment, your deposit will be transferred to the new date unless you give less than 48 hours notice. The deposit will still be transferred in case of an emergency within the 48 hours.

You can pay the Tattoo deposit with PayPal, or bank transfer or cash.

Our Tattoo studio, North of Winter, is located at May Street, Manchester (Unit 14, June Almond House, 20-22).

Yes, of course. You can check my "Portfolio" on my Instagram Profile's highlights or you can just DM me for more.  

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